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Taz-man'sPlace Newsletter

Saturday July 3, 2004Keeping you up-to-date on what's New on my Sites or Somewhere else!
Taz-man's Place Newsletter

Issue #2

Well Howdy ALL
Welcome to my 2nd Newsletter for my Personal Web Site's

Here's some Techie news letters and sites u can ck out 2 of my Favorites .

  1. Kim Komando' i get her email newsletter ever Saturday and listen to her on Am radio when i can ..the other newsletter is

  2. Karen Kenworthy'

    Both newsletters are very good but my personal fav is the way these are just 2 of about 6 tech newsletters that i get almost wkly karenware is like once a mo'th.

Changes to my Web Sites
  1. The biggest one is under the Link Chat{Message}Forum I put a NewsLetter Archive under the Secured Members Area my Newsletters will be archived by date issued. I have figure out how to allow My Newsletter Subcribers to be able to access them Secured with there own username & password
    those people have been sent an email ...if u didn't receive an email there was no change needed !

    and as usual I control who gets in and able to have access to My NewsLetter Archive, see's ICQ & Chats Live w/me ..hehe weeehaaa ....LOL ;O)


  2. I also changed the pic on the frt pg.for NOAA ..The National Weather Service got a newer and i think a better pic it's round and has a pic of a cloud with a lightning bolt going through a cloud and around that it says The National Weather Service


  3. The Weather Channel i got permission from them on Tue 6/29/04 to put it on my WebSite as u can see { Below } it's show the Houston,Tx area .to see your weather just
    Enter your Zip Locations will be changing in the future sometime !


  4. And lets not fer get ... Things to Buy witch has a 128 bit SSL Secure Encryption PayPal ..witch does work !!! where i can post things to buy & sell and so can anyone else that's interested in doing so i just need to post a pic of the item on the site w/a price & discription.

    Right now i have a Sample pic of me posted there with my #1 Grandpa Hat on.....*I've done Lot's of work* on both Web Sites since last time most of witch because of the dead links due to the merger of TechTv to the new witch did away w/the Call for HELP causing the DEAD links, Man was that a pain in the neck to fix so idf anyone finds anymore BAD links PLEASE email me at the email address below


  5. Tribute :
    I put Tribute to President Ronald REAGAN under Whats New ! of both sites just click 1 of the above links to Taz-man'sPlace I or II

Visit my Web Site's @ &

Other News !


  1. Microsoft as of this last Wednesday i think? June 30,2004
    click for story > Microsoft
    is not doing anymore FREE upgrades witch really bites if u ask me like they don't already have or make enough $ now... SCAMMERS !....not sure if it's going to b ALL business or if personal will b included,u know how that microsoft trickeldown thing works.

    Also Friday, July 2, 2004, Microsoft is releasing a configuration change for Microsoft Windows(r) XP, Windows 2000 to see if u need it go here Microsoft Critical Updates


  2. G4TechTV: As of Mon 6/21/04 finished incorperating All archives from The Screen Savers & finally and much to my supprise now has ALL the archives from the OLD

    I still have hunderds of bookmarks or favorites witch ever the case for Call for HELP! & had a few links of'm on both my web sites that where! NO GooD! Bummer
    BUT slowly im going back through all links on both sites from Call for HELP & changing all URL's the links will not look any different to u ..but it's what u don't see that will be changed so instead of getting an error message in your URL aka Address bar that says:
    [ Not Found] at the Top of the pg.

    Instead u will go to the Call for HELP..Archive there's about 20 pg's i think unless they add more


  3. If u would b interested in Registering for a Users Name & Password on click the link & enter ALL info Registration

  4. Outlook Exp,Email Backup Program

    I f you are using InternetExplorer's OutlookExpress for your email like i do along with Mozilla Mail & MailWasher then you'll LOVE this gotta have program it allows u to backup ALL Emails, Addressbook, your Identitys ( Username's & Passwords) your email Rules & Filters basicly anything to do with your OutlookExp,email it's called ...

    Outlook Express Freebie Backup

    u can also download it from my website Click here .. >


    Note: file size about 2.10 Mb fairly small shouldn't take more then 20 min's to download ?

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Interesting Facts
Keyboard ShortCuts

Did u know that u can Delete an item without sending it to the Trash Can aka Recycle Bin by using these 2 keys Shift + Delete and click on Win 95 to XPhm as far as i know!

Permanently ...*Not Recoverable* ... So be carfull if u use this method

Relevant Links
Interested in building your own Web Site!

this site is great & FREE tripod

Just create a user name & password and at the Top & to the Lt.u see Build & Edit click on that link and your on you way to Building Own Web Site

Things to Note
Bravenet has allot of the Free plugins & other things u will probably use on your site.There link is at the bottom of this newsletter.

Some things are not free though ..i use most of the free stuff on my 2 WebSites.

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